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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Camp- week 1

We do have so much fun creating full days of activities for the kids during school breaks. We did two 3 day weeks for winter camps this year. When coming up with the curriculum we really needed to figure out a way to get the kids some outside time. Since we don't have a park right near us we decided to use the neighborhood for what it had to offer. There is a patch or grass that sits adjacent to a local elementary school. We decided to hold races and play some outdoor games there, but also do scavenger hunts with objects the kids had made, hiding them around the neighborhood.  So we filled the days with art making, game playing, reading and going for walks. It's so nice to have the kids for longer ongoing days, so we can do more ambitious projects, as well as, to get to know the kids better.

Here ages 4-5 are creating little snowstorms to send through the mail. They use paper punch outs and we put them in envelopes for them to send home. They love getting things in the mail.

The outside time is important. We take walks in the neighborhood, gathering material for artworks, playing games and creating obstacle courses. 

During the first week we made flags and snowflake banners for a winter parade. We love a parade.
Ages 4-5 made these  beautiful winter flags made from fabric which they painted and added other smaller fabrics and colorful yarn.
 The older kids, ages 6-9 made these lovely snowflake banners for the parade.

We cut out snowflakes from paper, added some white glitter and hung them for sticks we had found on our walk. 

I brought in bells and other musical instruments for the kids to carry in the parade. We all set off down the street, waving at people and ringing our bells. Some of the parents also joined us in our Winter Parade. A good time was had by all.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Great Gift.

Look at what my husband put in my stocking.

THE STICK BOOK is right up my alley.  I couldn't think of a better gift. It's got it all, beautiful images, ideas for outside time with kids and like it says loads of things you can make with a stick. After lounging around in the morning we went for a Christmas day hike gathering our own sticks along the way. It felt quite luxurious to not go near my computer for the entire day. 


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Workshops

I do love the early winter here in Los Angeles. The skies are so beautiful after it rains and the hills are so green. We go for early walks in the hills, do more staying in and reading and eat a lot more soups. I also love all the ornament making and winter treat making that happens in December. We, at the Purple Twig, do believe in process over product, that the exploring of materials is how to build confidence and emphasize creative thinking with children, but I do so love to teach a craft, whether it be sewing, knitting, ceramics or printmaking. If you begin with beautiful materials, whatever the kids make will be beautiful.

Look at the wonderful holiday cheer we have been making with kids during our workshops. We did holiday card printing by using print foam that the children draw into. This is good for ages 3- 103. Some of our parents get into this one as well, which we welcome. Here are some card the kids made with a snowflake theme. Each one is individual just like a snowflake. We finished them off with a bit of glitter.

Here are a few more using different colored inks on different colored papers. I just love these Winter trees, some with snow on them.

We also had workshops for ornament making from pastas that we glued together, painted white and added glistening white glitter. 

And these little winter dioramas in a small round tin complete with fake snow that one can shake. We used stickers, stamps on small white pieces of paper and glued them into the tin and some even added little pine cones.

We also made this big winter dioramas in a jar using fake little trees, animals and lots of fake snow. I have tried doing these as snow globes but no matter how much hot glue we used they ultimately all leaked so by taking the water out of the equation they are lovely dioramas. Just hot glue your scene onto the lid of the jar. One thing to realize when making these is to first add rocks or white stones for the animals to sit on, otherwise they won't be seen over the curved lip of the jar.

Happy Winter!!!