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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fashion Lab

We have been doing Fashion Lab classes for a while at the Purple Twig. When I first started teaching these classes I did so because I thought it would be a really fun way for kids to foster their problem solving skills as well as build sculptural forms from a material they wouldn't normally think could be sculptural. We don't sew in these classes. It's all duct tape, hot glue and tying. Like all of my classes, I make them confidence building but I did not expect what a positive experience it would be for them. I think it may have something to do with the power of making something they can wear on their bodies. Knowing what feels good on their bodies. Or maybe it's doing something that is usually reserved for adults.

Usually my Fashion Labs are all girls, so I show them runway shows of particular fashion designers depending on what we are making, Issey Miyake for folds in fabric or for patterns, Vivienne Westwood for combining different materials. Then we make skirts, and gowns. Sometimes making the textiles by doing different printing techniques.
For camp this past week we had both boys and girls so I had to think about a more conceptual method. Then I got an incredible donation from Lynn Keyes, Owner of Anthem of the Ants clothing line for girls. She donated beautiful stretchy fabrics, fake fur and leathers. From that the kids and I found inspiration. We created two outfits.
The first one inspired by animals. This is what they started with with. I had them make preliminary drawings so that they can articulate their ideas.


And here is what they created.

The second outfit was to be a warrior outfit. We talked about different types of warrior from different cultures but they were all interested in the warriors of northern Europe. Here is what they started with.

And here is what they created....

Complete with helmets made from Gallon milk cartons covered with fur, fabrics and duct tape.

I was completely blown away by what they created. I mean these are the cutest warriors I have ever seen.