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Friday, February 8, 2019

A Valentine

I just love a Valentine, a little token of love and friendship to say "Hi I'm thinking of you" or "Hey, I like you". I can't resist the sweetness of a little red or pink heart. These are the Valentines my son made this year. I think they are hilarious. They just have so mush personality.

-clothes pins
-red cardstock
-white glue
-black marker
- a chocolate kiss

Cut out hearts from the red card stock 2 inches high. This size worked well with the size of our clothes pin. Draw the eyes on the heart. We found it easier to do this first. It made cutting the mouth in the right place easier. Cut the bottom part of the heart in a zig zag manner to create a mouth.  Glue the top half of the heart to the top of the clothes pin and the bottom half the heart to the bottom of the clothes pin.

When glue dries, add the tale of the kiss into the mouth of the heart.