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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Making Lines and Dots

Painting rocks is such a simple activity. My daughter loves collecting rocks. She loves the different shapes and how they feel in her hand. We have dozens of them lining the railing of our porch. She has   collected these rocks during our trips to rivers, hikes in the mountains, and walks along the beach.
But what to do with all these rocks. They are so beautiful on their own.

Adding some color seemed like a good ideas as well. I took the opportunity to talk about patterns with the kids and to make it more successful  instead of paint brushes we used q-tips and tooth picks to add the design. To make the design more recognizable we used one color and mixed it with white to create a few values of that color and then throw in another light opposite color. So our colors were blue and peach or gold.

They make me happy everyt ime I look at them. The possibilities of patterns was so abundant and delightful.

Happy Pattern Making!!