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Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Fairy Houses

We get so many great material donations from the families who visit us each week for classes. So with those donations I try and come up with a project for our open studio on Saturdays, which is from 10-4:00 by the way if you would like to join us. Each month we offer a different material and project. We have some families who visit us once a month to make something new with their kids. creating together is such great way to spend some time with your children or grandchildren. 
So our shelves were brimming with milk cartons. What to make. What to make. We came up with winter fairy houses from the cartons along with other recycled materials, like tp tubes, corks and coffee lids and filters. Here is how we make them.

We made watercolor paintings for the ousted of the house using the wax resist method. Actually we used oil pastels instead of wax. The kids drew snowflakes onto watercolor paper white oil pastels. 
They then painted with watercolor onto the paper revealing the beautiful snowflakes that had been basically invisible until then.

These paintings were gorgeous by themselves.

After the  watercolor paintings were dry I hot glued them to the milk cartons by wrapping the paintings around the cartons. The kids added large coffee filters for roofs but your could also leave the top of the carton showing and the spout could be a chimney. 

They drew doors and windows using pencils and I cut some of them out for them using an exacto knife.

We then lay out materials for adding wintery touches on the table in bins for the kids to pick and choose how to decorate the houses. Buttons for pathways, lids from juice bottles,  corks, tp tubes, coffee lids, fake snow and sparkly fake plants from Michaels. They just used regular glue to add these elements. 

Look at this special little wintery house that any fairy would love to live in.

Happy Winter!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowflake Paintings

While much of the country is battling some pretty chilling temperatures, we, in Los Angeles, are feeling quite comfortable and witnessing some gorgeous sunset we get during the winter months. 
Inspired by our winter sunsets we made these colorful layered snowflake paintings during our winter camp this week. These are a great way to celebrate the winter in a nontraditional way. All you need is paper and paint and spray paint. You really could use any color or a more traditional colors.

The kids painted a layer of paint onto 12X15 drawing paper.  Some then added another layer of paint in a pattern either polka dots or lines. While those painting dried we cut out paper snowflakes. We cut a few so they could either choose or use both on the painting.

The kids placed the snowflakes onto the painting and sprayed one more layer of spray paint using the snowflake as a stencil. 

The surprise and excitement when they pulled the paper snowflake off their painting was such a delight to witness.  I do so love the playfulness of these colors.

Happy Winter!!!