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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Easter Bowls

I am fortunate enough to have many generous families that frequent the studio.  These loverly fabric doilies were donated to us and have been sitting and waiting for the right project.  As I was experimenting with paper mâché  projects using fabric, I came across fabric stiffener. What a lovely marriage, fabric doilies and fabric stiffener.  I made Easter bowls, which are so perfect for those delicate eggs from the small local farms as well as for the vibrantly colored ones.

This simple project is so lovely,  changing a 2 dimensional tabledecoration into a beautiful 3 dimensional functional object to celebrate Spring.

You only need 4 supplies
1. fabric doilies
2. fabric stiffener
3. 2 bowls
4. plastic wrap or plastic bag

Pour some of the fabric stiffener into a bowl, just enough to cover the doily. Let the doily soak up the stiffener. 

Turn the other bowl over. This will be your mold for shaping the doily. Place the plastic on that second bowl. I learned the hard way that the doily will stick to the bowl, so the plastic is important. Place the doily over the plastic, making sure it is centered on the bowl.

Let dry. It dries in a few hours and you. Pull bowl out the doily, then peel off the plastic. That's it.

This year we dyed some eggs using natural dyes, blue berries, beets, red cabbage, and beets.  You can find recipes for these all over the internet. I couldn't resist and put one of the doilies into the blueberry dye, letting it dry before placing it into the fabric stiffener. It came out the most lovely shade of purple.

I also made this tiny one for little chocolate kisses.

I fell for these charming fabric bowls. They are so pleasing and satisfying to make. I made quite a few of them and take delight in seeing them in each room.