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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrating Sukkot with the kids

At my children's school this week I helped celebrate Sukkot, the Jewish celebration of harvest. We built a sukkah at the school's farm. It was a simple structure of four 2X4 posts dug into the ground with 2X4 posts connecting them at the top. We then used twine wrapped around the posts for two of the walls  and the roof and a blanket for the back wall.

We invited the children to decorate the sukkah by weaving dried corn stalks into the twine. With my youngest's class we did watercolor paintings of our favorite fruits and vegetables, cut them out and hung them from the top twine. They were learning the letter H this week which was perfect to talk about harvest and hut.

The tradition is to invite a friend into the sukkah to share a meal.  I made apple and pomegranate salad for the kids to share while sitting together in the sukkah. It's such a wonderful holiday and after the High Holidays can be one that is difficult to muster but a beautiful way to celebrate the fall and to celebrate friendship.

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