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Friday, May 24, 2013

Ice Catchers

I just love it when a project exceeds my expectations with the kids and there excitement is more than I could even imagine. Sometimes I like to do projects that are experiential that go beyond just making the object.  We did a little science project about solids and liquids by making these ice catchers. We added a little mysticism as well to top it all off, by telling them if they made a wish when hanging the catcher and caught the flower inside as it melted, their wish would come true. That is what legend says anyways.

This is a simple spring/summer  activity that anyone can do at home with a free afternoon. All you need is a muffin tin, some flowers, some string, water and a freezer.
We took a walk around the neighborhood ( which I love to do with the kids) picking flowers as we went.

Each child chose a few flowers to put in one of the muffin cups and added a string. Make sure that the string sinks into the water, maybe buried underneath some of the flowers. We talked about the 3 forms of water while filling the cups then placed the tin into the freezer. We had to wait overnight, which is the hard part. They kept asking if it was frozen yet. We must have checked on them 5 times in an hour. 

The following day they could not wait to get them out of the freezer.  Look how beautiful they look hanging in the tree, like ice jewels. 

They each made a wish and we watched them melt. I tried to convince them that the ice catchers  would take a while to melt  and that maybe we should do something else while we wait but they weren't buying it. It was difficult to drag them away from theses beautiful ice charms. 

He caught his flower and his wish. Look at that excitement. So amazing.

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