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Friday, November 15, 2013

Hand Building

We have been pinching, coiling, rolling as we find our way with clay.  I have been teaching a hand building class for kids ages 6-8. We have been making pots, pots and more pots by using the basic techniques of manipulating clay. Making pots is such a great way to introduce these techniques. I have watched these kids become more and more confident with the clay over the past 10 weeks.
We have been using a low-fire white clay.  Here are some great examples of the coiling technique.

They really experimented with the coils, making designs on top of the pots and sometimes with in the walls of the pot. Sometimes smoothing the away the coils and sometimes highlighting the coils. Some even sculpted creatures on top of the pots.

The low-fire glazes are bright and colorful.

 I love this little green beauty of a pot. 

Look at these amazing slab and pinched out pots. The kids really loved exploring with the crackle glazes.

We also experimented combining soft materials with the fired clay inspired by Tracy Wilkinson at TW Workshop here in Los Angeles. She makes incredible weavings attached to her pots. Although weaving seemed a bit ambitious for this age (or any age actually) I altered the project to be more age appropriate. The kids poked holes into the clay while forming their slab pots.  After firing and glazing they wove yarn or grass in and out of the holes. This process was frustrating for some of the kids but a such a great way to work through frustrations and succeed in creating something they can be really proud of.


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