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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's

When the school's are on vacation we get busy putting together an enriching curriculum for the kids who spend days with us during the camps. During winter break we put together a curriculum surrounding winter, whether it be fairy tales about winter like Persephone or making igloos or winter animals.
For our first day of camp we put together a celebration kit for NEW YEAR'S EVE. I really do love any excuse for a celebration and celebrations are even better with hand made accessories.

We painted show boxes and added some fabric to the bottom. We then filled it with the things we made throughout the day. We made celebration flags, noise makers, and party hats. 

Each project was fairly simple but really fun to put all together. We bought party hats at a dollar store. Took one apart and traced the shape onto paper. We gave the paper to the kids and they decorated them as they wished. After gluing the paper onto the hat form they then choose from different glittery garland  which we hot glued along the rim. They then glued some glittery pipe cleaners or plastic foliage in the top. Voila you have a hat to fit any party. 
The noise makers were also bought at the dollar store. We dissembled them to just the whistle part and added our own decorative paper fringe and feathers. 

After lunch we all went a noise maker parade through the neighborhood. It really was was a great way to celebrate. 


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