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Monday, May 5, 2014

Celebrating the Sun

When the days begin to get longer we like to take the opportunity to use the sun in our artworks so what better way than to make sun-prints. We held a sun-print box workshop the other day. A sun print is one of the earliest forms of non-silver photographic method. And it's magical to watch the images appear. Now this is a simple project that you can do at home.

Materials are

  •  nature sun-print paper which you can find at Blick Art or order online. 
  • a cigar box (I just ask at the local cigar store if they have any empty boxes)
  • materials like small toys, buttons, string.
  • we used plexi-glass to keep the materials from blowing away but this is not mandatory.
  • a pan of water
  • Mod Podge           

We supplied the kids with a lot of materials to choose from to make their designs on the paper, shells, buttons, stars, naturals materials like lavender and sticks. The kids had just as much fun choosing their materials as they did making creating their patterns or images. Other kids brought their own toys to create images. 

This sun-print paper reacts to the sun so as long as you are inside you can take it out of the black pouch to make your image by placing the objects on the paper. Make sure you place the paper on a hard surface so that you can carry it into the sun.

We then carried our boards with our designs into the sun and counted to 30. 

Bring the paper inside and place it in the tub of water to rinse. you don't have to leave it in there long. The paper changes from a positive to a negative image before your eyes.  I love this part and so do the kids. 
The sun-print has to be dry before you can adhere it to the boxes. We used hair dryers to do it quickly but if you are patient you can just wait. We then used Mod-podge to adhere it to the boxes and brushed Mod-podge over the image.

This box makes a great place to keep special rocks or specials toys or one's allowance or even  a great father's day present.

Happy Printing!!

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