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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wishing Flowers

In the Spring when it begins to get quite warm here in Southern California, the wild irises bloom and the air smells of the orange blossoms. This can be celebration enough but we also like to commemorate the coming of the Spring with these hanging wishing flowers. When hanging these sweet frozen trimmings in a tree the kids each make a wish.  If they catch the flower when the ice melts then their wish comes true.

We enjoy every step of the process from the picking of flowers to attempting to catch the flowers when finally freed from the ice.

What you will need:
1. cupcake tin
2. flowers
3. water
4. string

I like the large flowers and put one in each cup but many of the children love to fill the cups to the brim with flowers before pouring in the water.

When adding the string, it helps to place it in a circle around the tin before hanging off most of it.

Place in the freezer.

Once frozen run the backs of the tin under warm water to release the frozen flowers. And hang them in a tree or somewhere on a deck or play structure making sure the child can reach them.

Then the waiting and watching begins.

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