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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Spring in a Bowl

This a a project I did with our afternoon hand building ceramic class for age 6-8. Both the kids and I had so much fun making these little garden bowls full of vegetables that I just have to share it with you. I went a bit nuts photographing the project. I just could not get enough of the sculpted vegetables. We used low fire white clay and low fire glazes for this one.

I lay the vegetables out onto a tray for the kids to choose from. They each chose what they would like sculpt. Worked on that vegetable, by looking and feeling as the radish or carrot revealed itself from the clay. 

Each child had their own way of seeing and their own way of working. Here are the examples of the variety of vegetables that were made.

Once the students felt they were finished with the veggies, we made some pinch pots to put our inedible morsels into. Then one student had the idea to make a snail eating the veggies and like most good ideas, that idea spread through out the classroom and snails were crawling all over the bowls.

Once dried, I did a bisque firing. The kids used a variety of bright low-fire glazes for the veggies and bowls and I did a glaze fire. I was giddy waiting for the kiln to cool once fired. As usual opening the kiln was like opening a long awaited present. And I was not disappointed.

Look at these cute little radishes

and mushrooms

 and carrots

The kids were so excited and proud to take them home and I was so sad to see them leave the studio.

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