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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A New Year

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It has been over a year since I have written a post and to be honest I don't know if anyone reads blogs much anymore. I hope so. I feel like a year ago I stepped away from quite a few things due to trying to save my small art studio from utter collapse. So many things have happened in the past year but also it seems as if time has stood still. Isolation can make each day feel much like the last. Events are happening out in the world but we are still here doing school virtually and trying to keep our minds together. We move forward at our same pace but feel as if everything has slowed way down. I look up and my kids are a year older. 

All that said, I feel like this isolation has made me really consider what is important to me and my business, being more thoughtful about my teaching and living philosophy. I have simplified my life in meaningful ways, stripping away the superfluous focusing on what I really want. One of the things I have wanted for many years was to write a book. I love a book as both an object and a carrier of ideas whether they be narrative fictional ideas, a memoir, an art monograph  a cook book or a book of project ideas, I love thumbing through the pages, not afraid to earmark certain passages I want to remember.  Well about 2 years ago an idea was hatched of creating a book of drawing projects. A book proposal was created and with the help and support of Barbara Rucci of Artbar, an introduction was made to an editor at Quarto Books, quite a few conversations were had and finally a contract was signed. 

I was very excited to begin a new adventure as an author of art projects for children. Last January I put together a group of curious and willing students to create the drawing projects while I photograph them as they worked. My BFA in photography was coming in handy.

I was in heaven. Creating curriculum is one of the most rewarding parts of owning an art studio for me and sharing these ideas is an important way for me to be part of a community. 

When we had to close our doors in March I had to reconsider how to finish the book. Luckily my two kids were up for the challenge. Each week I would set out a drawing provocations for them and they would work on the project while I photographed them. It became a lovely way to spend our time together while in quarantine. Writing this book was a saving grace for me while our doors were closed and there was nowhere to go. 

I am now happy to announce that the book is finished and out in local bookstores. 

I am now dreaming about book parties in person with an ice cream truck and leading everyone who joins us in a drawing project. A girl can still dream. 

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