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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Paw Print Stamps

Aaahhhh summer flags. I love to watch the kids with their summer flags. Waving and watching the fabric flutter in the wind. This time we used the printing techniques of stamps to create the flags. 

When making stamps with kids the simpler the design the better, a nice graphic image. Usually I am encouraging the addition of more details when creating drawings. The addition of details can better define an image. But when making stamps the image has to be defined with just the outside lines. 

Foot prints seemed like a great way to talk about animals and create a design that is graphic. 
We began looking at animal foot prints. They got so excited to see each animal's footprint.

They drew the animal paw print of their choice on a piece of foam and after cutting them out we glued them to cut up 2X4s. Then the printing began. 

Happy Waving!

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